Why Hunterrr is an Important Film.


There isn’t a dearth of films talking about sex and sexual relationships in Hindi cinema. What is appalling is the manner in which this subject is dealt with. Every second week we are served with sex comedies or erotic thrillers that revel in their double meaning,sexist and immature humor. In the backdrop of such films Hunterrr stands out and impresses.

As a society, rarely do we talk openly about intimacy or sexual appetite. Even in the most urban households parents are hesitant to educate their kids about sex, sex education provided in schools is either ridiculous or non-existent and among peers it boils down to just banter and humor. As a result, many of us don’t have an honest conversation about passion and desire even with ourselves for the longest time. I strongly believe that at any given time, cinema and society ape each other. This is the reason why there is a paucity of stories that deal with such subjects in a mature manner and present them as simply and casually as any other subject.

Our protagonist in Hunterrr, Mandar Ponkshe(played by Gulshan Devaiah) is an average looking, regular guy who just happens to have a higher appetite for sex. The film doesn’t give an explanation as to why he is the way he is, because it really isn’t required. He is not a porn star, or an addict and neither is he a poster boy who gets all the female attention. Mandar has to work to find a match for himself and with years of hard work  he has learned to score with ease. Quite simply put Hunterrr is nothing but Mandar’s love story.

All major and minor characters are very well written and played out. Each of them come across as people we meet and know in our own lives. The locations are real and the dialogues flow out as normal conversations. The film has an understated humor which adds to its strength. Coming to the performances, Gulshan Devaiah plays Mandar with utmost honesty and conviction. Sai Tamhankar shines as Jyotsna. She has a smaller role, fewer dialogues and most of her scenes are presented in a montage but her presence is felt vividly. Finally, its Radhika Apte as Tripti  who steals the show with her subtle yet powerful performance.  She makes viewers fall in love with Tripti. The role is not particularly challenging on paper but what Radhika brings to the character is worth experiencing. She and Gulshan manage to create a very pleasant chemistry from the word go.


However, despite amazing performances there are times, especially in the second half of the film, when the writing stops engaging you the way it did in the beginning.  There are times when it feels almost exhausting to invest more time and emotions on Mandar. The climax of the film could’ve been better had it been presented in a much simpler way. Unnecessary cuts between real and alternate events add no value whatsoever. All this being said, Hunterrr should be watched for its mature and simplistic dealing of a subject that is grossly presented in Hindi films and of course for the kick-ass performances.

Why Hunterrr is an Important Film.

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